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But that wasn't what she was hired to do. She was hired to sing the National Anthem. If she felt ill equipped to do it, there are many other professional singers (including a friend of mine who does USO shows) who would have been very happy to have sung the National Anthem.

I hope they put a stop-payment on that check. She broke the contract.

At 4:00 Wednesday, Hickenlooper made his final statement on what he called a surprise move by someone he trusted, saying, "We had no idea this was going to happen. This is not something the City of Denver would ever sanction or condone."

Hickenlooper said, "We didn't pay her, so I mean, there was no contract. We asked her to come sing the national anthem and we expected her to come sing the national anthem and we were disappointed and frustrated that that did not happen."

I had never heard of the "Black National Anthem".