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    If I didn't have any children (which I do) and if I lived in an area with substandard public schools( which I don't), I'd definitely want a voucher system for parents with kids. Lousy education = crime + poverty.
    Crime and poverty cost society far more than the dollars spent on vouchers. It's a win-win for society and the kids.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linda22003 View Post
    Really, people, if you don't like "gubmint" schools, don't use them, but don't expect me to provide ANOTHER option when I already provide one.
    Even if it cost less money to send them to the better school. As long as it doesn't cost the taxpayer any more money than he/she is already paying, I don't see the problem with it. The majority of people against the voucher program are people who have their kids in private school already. They don't want "those kids" in the same school as their little darlings. If the program cost more for the private schools than the public, I would agree with you 100%, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebel Yell View Post
    The majority of people against the voucher program are people who have their kids in private school already. They don't want "those kids" in the same school as their little darlings. If the program cost more for the private schools than the public, I would agree with you 100%, though.
    I don't think that would have been an issue with my old school; it cost considerably more. This is more the type of school the congressmen and senators send their kids to. We had scholarships provided BY the school for some kids. Here's what my school costs now, according to the website (for grades 6-8, and 9-12).

    Boarding Day Fees Total
    (tuition and fees)
    Tuition Middle School (6-8) (day) $37,031
    Upper School (9-12) (day) $37,113
    Upper School Boarder $49,224
    Upper School International $49,900
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    If you live in a small town whether you have children in school or not take the time to do a little research on just how much money the schools take from the tax base and you may be surprised.

    Find out just who the president of the teachers unions are ,there may be more than one,and build a file on them .New teachers are forced by union contract to either join the union or pay dues to the unions whether they join or not .

    Most Cities or towns be they run by open town meetings,town manager,or mayor are under assault by their own school systems.The teachers unions are overwhelmingly liberal Democrat and demand and are allowed time off with pay to campaign for their favorite candidate who by the way is the one who promises them the most of the town/city budget.

    They are dead set against home schooling or state funding of any competition to their closed shop .Whenever they demand more funding it's always 'for the children ' but the first payouts are always an large increase in the teachers salary's ! Spend some time as I did and investigate their salary bases and the mandated retirement fundings .It will take your breath away !

    As you would expect the teachers unions are most powerful in the New York State System and Los Angeles Unified school system .They are supported by at the Federal Level by the National Education Association and are mandating Federal Involvement and support dollars in the states education systems.

    The NEA is in essence the largest Union In the United States surpassing even the Teamsters in national political power.The NEA contributes heavily to the re-election campaigns of certain key Liberal Democrat campaigns and was heavily involved with financial support from union dues and special offerings essentially extorted from the local union member dues liberal or conservative for Obama this last cycle .

    They form alliances within state government and support those elected officials who will sponsor bills for state mandated retirement pay for teachers often with the same retirement plan as the elected officials with the city's or towns paying the premiums .They have instituted, with the votes of the friendly state official who they by now own lock,stock and barrel a system of tenure that guarantees that the older teachers and administrator's will never lose their jobs.

    A small town I lived in had a problem with the cost of the school system.As a percentage of the tax base it was approaching sixty to seventy percent of the towns tax income and the town was forced to lay off about ten percent of the newest teachers .The unions ,there were two of them ,went to the state and the state forced the town move moneys from the highway fund to the schools and the school committee demanded the town rehire those lay ed off .

    The school committee's are supposed to represent the towns in any negotiations with the unions where in reality those elected to the school committee are all retired or working teachers .There is nothing in town government bylaws to prevent them working for the town and being on the school committee at the same time .

    The teachers unions and the school committee's have gained so much power that they now demand and receive a large percentage of the towns tax dollars in advance even before the funds can be voted by town meeting to be controlled by the schools under their own financial system with no oversite or vote by the town .

    The original Colonial Town government was by town meeting with a moderator and a board of selectman ,They were originally designed to be temporary positions filled by farmers and townspeople elected by their peers to serve for a year without pay and most complained about their time away from their farms or livelyhood.

    Town meeting was called by the moderator whenever there was an issue that would immediately effect the town and needed consenses from the townspeople. One of the most famous was the call to arms from Washington at the start of the revolutionary war where young men were called by town warrent and sent to Boston.

    Over the years town government has evolved into a political steeping stone to higher office in state government .There is fierce competition for selectmans seats and the selectmen have become a major power in the town .Town meeting members are are elected to serve by precinct and have of late been filled by town employees able to vote on their own pay packages and benefits.The system has been totally corrupted and was headed for financial disaster !
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