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Limbaugh gets $400 Million
Advertisements [?]He has evidently signed a new contract through 2016 which includes a 9 figure signing bonus. The link is on the Drudgereport with the big siren. (Yes, its Drudge, I know, but given how he is "in" in right wing circles, I would assume this to be true)

I think (but could be wrong) that Obama's insistence that he doesn't support the Fairness Doctrine might have put this deal over the top. If the Fairness Doctrine DID come back, all bets would be off, and no one would be signing a long term deal like this until they saw what the ramifications would be.

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3. Fairness Never Had Anything To Do With It
In several ways. The misconception that Rushbo the "entertainer" would have been covered by the Fairness Doctrine. That only pertained to public affairs programming and advertising...Rushbo's handlers re-defined talk radio from public service to "entertainment" and thus hate radio was born. It was Deregulation that allowed companies like Cheap Channel and Salem to amass thousands of stations that accelerated the growth of hate radio. Rushbo saved stations lots of money as all they had to do was plug into the satellite rather than hire their own talent...and the saturation of his program has led to the perception that he's a big money essence he isn't.
The current move by repugnicans for preventing a new Fairness Doctrine is a black flag operation to prevent re-regulation of broadcasting...something that is badly needed. Their "bill" would prohibit stations from changing formats or even ownership if it meant removing assclowns like Rushbo from the air and opening it up for other voices.

Here's hoping Rushbo is getting paid in stock from these companies...the financial woes of radio have made these stocks all but worthless.
I wonder how much this DUmmie makes if it thinks $400 million isn't big money.

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