Not ACORN?!!!hugh111

You have to wonder how often this has to happen before it sinks it that the $4.5 billion President Obama lavished on ACORN as part of the so-called 'stimulus' was just a payoff, using the taxpayer's dime:

ACORN, an activist group that turned in 90,000 completed voter registration forms in Clark County for last year's election, violated state law by setting mandatory quotas for workers who canvassed neighborhoods looking for people to register to vote, according to the state attorney general's office.

Canvassers were required to register at least 20 people a day, and could be fired if they didn't, officials said. ACORN also instituted a bonus program called "blackjack" or "21 plus" in which a worker could earn an extra $5 per shift by registering 21 or more people.
"Blackjack" ?? Hey, suitable for Vegas, no?

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto was quoted as saying ACORN's policies required illegal acts and facilitated voter registration fraud. No kidding.

ACORN has been busted for voter fraud numerous times, but they have a powerful protector in th eWhite House...who just handed them a sackful of your money to continue their activities.

And maybe pay a few lawyers.

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