This thread derives from a discussion with p45 wherein he talked about those "productive" members of society as opposed to those "moochers" (Palin's "real Americans" vs. faux Americans). It got me to thinking regarding an often cited statistic here that the top 3% (or 5% in some versions) of the population pay some large percentage (80, 90, 95) of the taxes. That, in turn,. reminded me of a post by a short-term, heavy-posting member who indicated that he wouldn't be paying any federal taxes this year (as he didn't make enough), but he certainly had opinions regarding the way those taxes he wasn't paying should be spent.

I'm curious. I'm certainly in that bracket and, therefore, according to all reasonable logic, should be able to express my opinion about it, i.e., according to p45's definition, I'm a producer in terms of generating income, taxes, spending, etc. But of the others who cite that statistic, are you a member or simply a wannabee? If the latter, how do you speak for me and those others who are actually in the category which you seem to know so much about? Why should you have a voice in the way those taxes, of which you pay the vastly minority share, be spent? After all, we're all Galtian capitalists here, no?