Bounce is not from throwing anyone under his bus either!

The McCain Bounce [Greg Pollowitz]

Survey USA has some new poll outs:

Ohio: McCain up 7 from the last poll, trailing Obama by 2

Virginia: McCain up 5 from the last poll, trailing Obama by 2

As does Rasmussen:

Georgia: McCain by 10. So much for the media reports of Bob Barr stealing the election through his funneling of GOP votes from McCain.

Mississippi: McCain by 6, which fits nicely with this analysis in the NY Times on why Obama won't win the South.

Seeing these poll number and coupling them with Obama's flip flops on FISA, getting troops out of Iraq, NAFTA, guns, the death penalty, and public financing of elections, it's almost as if a certain New York Senator might want to re-think her plans for the next few months . . .

One other poll of note from Rasmussen:

Voters overwhelmingly believe that lowering gas prices is the best way to get the U.S. economy going again, even as Congress and the presidential candidates argue for tax cuts or passage of a second government stimulus plan.

Drill here. Drill now. Pay less. Win in November.