Some on this board have stated that Obama's replacing Souter with another liberal is no big deal. I would have to STRONGLY disagree.

Thomas Sowell explains why:

Our very freedoms are now at dire risk.

With Obama moving to give power to the federal government to literally hire and fire corporate leaders - DENYING the stockholders their rights it is critical we move to stop them NOW.

With the recent Kelo decision at risk of being expanded, it is critical we stop them NOW.

With the Eco nut jobs usurping property rights by the mere claim there MIGHT be an endangered species in the same county - we need to stop them NOW.

With the known animosity these tyrants have toward the 2nd amendment, we need to stop them NOW.

With the known desire to have illegal immigrants legitimized with driving rights, welfare and healthcare rights and even voting rights, we need to stop them NOW.

We cannot afford to simply lay back and accept the destruction of our Constitution via the "living document" argument. As Sowell explains, it is actually a dying document if we allow it to continue.