One has to look no further than the circumstances surrounding Joe the Plumber and Carrie Prejean to see the full power of the left wing smear machine in action when someone dares to say, publicly, anything that doesn't fall into the dogma of the left. There are other examples to be sure but these 2 most recent victims should point out to every one that these champions of free speech(the left that is) will only champion your cause as long as you are on their side. Let's start with Joe.

Here was a guy caught on camera during Obama's campaign challenging the Chosen One's tax plan which forced an off guard Obama to stutter out that we must spread the wealth around pretty much admitting that he was a Socialist right on national TV. What was the reaction? That Joe asked a legitimate question? Nupe. If was full battle mode. The left and it's smear machine in the MSM tore into this guy. The liberal talking heads droning on how he wasn't a real plumber, an employee for the state of Ohio began an unauthorized investigating Mr. Wurzelbacher, and the man was basically smeared in every corner of America. Here was an American taxpayer and registered voter being stomped nationally. His crime? Questioning the Obamessiah. Did the ACLU come out in his defense? Pfft. Yeah, right.

Then we have Carrie Prejean who was asked her opinion on same sex marriage. Her crime? Answering the question honestly. Even though she opened her answer saying that it's great that we live in a country where you can go one way or the other, she said that it is her belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. The reaction? The lefties and their accomplices in the media are currently dragging this young lady into the meatgrinder. Digging up every little piece of dirt they can find, and why? Because she has the audacity to be a Christian and to have an opinion that opposes liberal dogma. And isn't this the same position that Obama took? Was he drug through the liberal meat grinder? Hardly, these people continue to line up to suck the man's dick. And did one feminist group defend her? Did the ACLU come out about her right to free speech? I know, I know, I got jokes, right? Typical, typical, typical. These are despicable, vile people who have no sense of decency. This whole thing would have died had it not been for Perez Hilton. First he says that this is why she lost then goes on a tirade and calls her a dumb bitch. Nice. And he's given more credibility because of this.

So, the next time someone says something that goes against liberal dogma, watch closely and you'll see that the left will not engage in an intelligent debate. They will round up the troops and attack the poor sap who dares to have an opposing view. Open minds my ass.