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Lars, I hate to bring this up in response to your post. It's not a personal shot.

There is no left and right in this country anymore. THEY'RE ALL LEFT OF CENTER. The populace has become so focused on Democrat=Left / Republican=Right that the big picture has been forgotten. The founding fathers would call ALL OF US LEFTISTS. They wouldn't believe that we have put up with the expansion of government that has taken place since the Revolutionary War withuot revolting again.

Left (Liberals) __________________________________________________ ___Right (Conservatives)

But in reality, it's more like this.....

Total Gov_____4_______3______________________________________________2___1__No Gov

1. Articles of Confederation 1777 (too close to anarchy, didn't work)

2. U.S. Constitution 1787 (just enough control to keep people in line)

3. Today's Republican Party

4. Today's Democratic Party

I agree with you. Hell our parents prolly think we are more liberal. :D