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    The greatest country on Earth.

    A series of 4th's was our best.

    Every year at Fort Meade they ran a small carnival on base and did a fireworks display on the big parade ground.

    You could get close enough to the launch point that you could lay on a blanket and watch them go off almost overhead.

    I miss those festivals.
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    Oh Darn, I fibbed. My best 4th was at Fort Bragg after Desert Storm. Lee Greenwood came and sang "God Bless the USA". We were able to have dinner with him at the Post Commander's house. Nice guy.

    This is bigger than presidential politics. This is a battle for America.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LibraryLady View Post
    It's just a pasta salad with lots of fruit.
    You people are so quick to dash my dreams. The idea of genuine frog eyes in shredded coconut was fetching, to say the least.

    I'm waiting for my slaw to drain now and contemplating cute outfits for tomorrow. :)
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