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He's a perfect example of how a player doesn't care nearly as much as a fan does.

He doesn't seem to mind the idea of playing for a division rival. The Packers don't want him playing for the Vikings or the Bears.

He needs to go away. He's a joke at this point. This is about the 5th or 6th year of this stuff.
He has never offically retired.
He has played around with the idea but this is the first year that he actually went through the offical motions.

I used to live in Green Bay and I had the privledge to see him play in person and it is amazing.
After last year I have no doubt that he can come back and play his heart out.

Last year was also the best supporting cast that he has had, and we still didnt make it.

I know he can still play and that he wants to, but his time is up with the Pack. We have moved on.
He is officially back in Green Bay supposedly competing with Rodgers.

He is not going to play in GB and besides the Vikings no where else is a good fit for him.

Go back to your tractor Brett. It's a lot nicer of a ride than the bench.