Hi all!

I've spent a number of years on a forum with a group of people that I was friends with in college and have found that time and a difference in careers has changed us enough to where we're not only NOT on the same page but NOT in the same chapter on many issues. A friend of mine at work has a Conservative Underground sticker on his ride and I googled it and here I am. I'm not looking for validation so much as being able to read the opinions of those that aren't as "enlightened" as some of my former college buddies who have determined that they know everything there is to know about politics and the world, even though I've spent more time in more countries than most of them.

Essentially, I'm tired of hearing the same droning voices saying the same things about how great everything is going to suddenly be. I'm looking for a place to hang and hear the other side of things.

About me: I'm a CW2 in the Army. I fly AH-64D helicopters. Aside from that, I enjoy spending time with my wife, my dog, my friends, and my guitars. I'm told I'm one hell of a good cook and I thoroughly enjoy a well crafted beer and spending time out on the range. I have a very small, but very nice collection of firearms as well as a small "arsenal" of guitars. I look forward to the discourse and info....