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    [Note: all quatrains I quote are from "Nostradamus: Life and Literature" by Edgar Leoni, Exposition Press, New York, 1961, republished as "Nostradamus and His Prophecies" by Bell Publishing Company, 1982, widely regarded as the most scholarly, accurate English translation available.]

    Michel de Nostredame, more commonly known as Nostradamus, has intrigued the world for five centuries, considered by many to be the greatest prophet who has ever lived. While most prophets recorded vague visions of future events, Nostradamus pinpointed his predictions using specific dates, astrological configurations, climatic events and anagrams naming the villains hundreds of years before they appeared.

    Some of the most remarkable involve the Three Antichrists depicted in scores of his prophesies. Nostradamus researchers unanimously agree that he accurately described Napoleon and Hitler as the first two Antichrists, even giving us their names. The first was Napoleon, which Quatrain 8:1 names "PAU, NAY, OLORON." This is an anagram for "Napaulon Roy" ("roy" meaning "king" in French.) The second was Hitler, which Quatrain 2:24 spells "Hister." Both of these Antichrists have been widely recognized and discussed in great length. However, the Third Antichrist, whom Nostradamus scholars have long identified as "Mabus" in Quatrain 2:62, has remained a mystery until very recently.

    In 1990 some noticed that Mabus in a mirror spells sudaM. While I can't argue that Saddam Hussein isn't a great candidate for the Third Antichrist described by Nostradamus, there is a much better candidate. The first thing I saw, upon learning that Mabus is considered to be an anagram for the Third Antichrist, was Usam B. Researching anagrams I learned that Mabus is a perfect anagram for Osama -- how bin Laden's first name is commonly spelled. (An anagram is derived by rearranging letters of a word to form another word, and it is kosher to substitute one letter for another.)

    "Terror from the Sky" Predicted at the Turn of the 21st Century

    Watching those two planes crash into the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001, the second thing I exclaimed was, "This is right out of the Quatrains of Nostradamus!" I had recently watched the 1981 Orson Welles movie, "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow," about the amazing life and prophecies of Nostradamus, born 1503 in Provence, France. A Catholic Jew said to be descended from the Hebrew tribe of Issachar (who "hath understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do" according to "Genesis"), Nostradamus first gained widespread fame as a skilled physician who miraculously cured the black plague. Upon the death of his wife and son from the plague while he was abroad healing the sick, Nostradamus began seeing visions of the future which he composed into one thousand cryptic quatrains called "The Centuries."
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