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  1. #1 Frog ripped open by lawnmower stitched back together 
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    Musta had pretty good health insurance!! :D

    Whats next?

    A tree frog ripped apart by a lawnmower has been stitched back together after undergoing life-saving surgery in Australia.
    The unfortunate amphibian was given emergency anaesthetic and operated on by doctors in the Northern Territory

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    The puddle in my driveway was drying up this morning and I noticed a bunch of tadpoles in the middle waiting to be turned into frog jerky by the sun. I walked away but later felt guilty and went back and poured three five gallon buckets of water in the puddle. That was to pay them back for all the froglegs I have eaten.
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    Poor little guy! I'm glad he's okay. I love tree frogs. I am a little perplexed as to why they went through the trouble of saving a frog though.
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