In April, the Department of Homeland Security released an assessment warning of “Rightwing Extremists” but did nothing to inform Americans of the clear and present danger of Leftwing Extremists. On April 28th, about 75 members of the leftwing group Association for Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) disrupted a foreclosure auction, sending an auctioneer to the hospital with chest pain.

As auctioneers accepted bids on foreclosed properties on the steps of the Sacramento (Calif.) County Courthouse, the large gang of ACORN members appeared with bullhorns and whistles, shouting “save our homes.” The protesters were part of ACORN's nationwide “Home Defenders” campaign – which employs civil disobedience tactics to assist homeowners whose properties are being foreclosed.

Kathleen Thompson-Boons of ACORN's Los Angeles branch approached one auctioneer and asked him to “stop the auction.” When the auctioneer refused, a mob surrounded the auctioneer and nine bidders (whom all declined to give their names), raising such an uproar that nothing could be heard. Several other auctions were also delayed.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the auctioneer – whom associates say had a pacemaker – began to collapse and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance.
“A yelling mob is not going to suspend foreclosures,” auctioneer Bryan Moulton told protesters after completing his auction, “just like it's not going to suspend the rule of law. … If they wanted to take it off (the auction list), they should have paid the mortgage.”
ACORN continued their disruption for nearly two hours, only stopping when one of the auctions – a house formerly owned by Jesus and Mart Espejo – was canceled. Sacramento police officers stood by during the incident, but took no enforcement action according to a Sacramento County Sheriff's Department spokesman. No arrests were made