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Please come respond to this RW attack on my Youtube video
My video "1984 + Bush" just went over 10,000 hits on YouTube. Thanks DU for watching it!

I saw this morning that some rightwing dork left me this comment. Please go give him some love, and watch my video if ya haven't seen it!

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saacboy010 (15 hours ago)
You people are the best.
Sitting in your chair bitching about our "evil" government, pretending that you are trying to rid the world of terror via your computer. If you think that the US government is really that terrible and oppressive, look outside of your backyard into a decent portion of the foriegn governments and then try to keep bitching. you have no true reason to complain. no government is perfect, and finding ever flaw and pretending it = fascism just makes you look like an idiot.

My reply:
Larkworthy (14 seconds ago) Show Hide

You have not challenged the essential truths of my video or Orwell's farsighted book. In the year 2008, we can no longer trust our govenment. Information gathered is used against us to manipulate and control us as citizens, consumers, and workers. Our government policies are "evil."

We are silenced if we complain by those who who speak with "sound and fury" yet in the end say nothing. <snip>

Please DUers, feel free to respond to saac-o-sh*t boy. LUVS YA.