Paid volunteerism. More Obama.
By Jim Wooten | Thursday, July 3, 2008, 08:10 AM

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Leave it up to a liberal Democrat to turn the call for service to America into another Big Government spending program. Get used to it. It’s all Barack Obama and his wing of the party know. Speaking Wednesday in Colorado Springs, Colo. — a “bastion of the religious right,” the Associated Press calls it — the call for service was part of the the campaign’s “flag week” effort to reposition himself as a God, country and flag-loving patriot. It’s to show America that while he spent most of his life hanging out with anti-American lefties, he’s a true-blue America-first patriot. Besides, it worked for JFK, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, though none of them had Obama’s baggage.

He did this time, in speaking at the University of Colorado, think to include the military as a possible opportunity to fulfill a national service obligation. “I hope that you take a moment to think about what you can do to shape a country we love, shape its future,” he told students. “Loving your country shouldn’t just mean watching fireworks on the 4th of July.” (Has it ever meant that to anybody outside the Obama circle? ) Obama sees a service-to-America gap arising because we’ve not been asked aggressively enough and we’ve not been given sufficient incentive. It’s true that we haven’t been asked aggressively enough. That is, if you don’t read local newspapers or pay attention to the military services’ on-going appeals for recruits.

His solution is to expand national service programs to the tune of $3.5 billion a year, to be funded from the surrender-dividend, the money freed up by fleeing Iraq and by going to the magic money tree for liberal Democrats: rich corporations. (That’s their idea of national service: Harvesting the bountiful fruit of the Corporate Money Tree.) A new addition he announced Wednesday is the “Green Vet Initiative.” Green vets would be offered “counseling, job placement and mediation” for jobs in the “renewable energy” field. (We don’t make this stuff up. We’re not that imaginative. Government has already expanded in all of the ways our band of right-wingers could have dreamed up.)

Paid volunteerism. More of Yesterday Tomorrow. That’s Barack Obama.