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  1. #1 "Obama's New Cyber Cops Clamp Down On Internet Free Speech !" 
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    Another ‘Transformational Moment’ —The Cyber-Czar is Born!

    "We're From The Government Here to Protect You !"

    Call me paranoid, but… I was wondering when the government was going to make its move on the Internet. There’s a whole lot of commerce going on, a lot of communication, a lot of people talking to each other, building their businesses and enjoying their lives. So naturally, they’re going to want to tax it. Apparently, we have another crisis afoot.
    But there’s certainly nothing to worry about; it’s all just to keep us safe, dontcha know. I’m reminded of a certain clandestine group of Italian origin that used to approach businesses, and entreaty the proprietors to pay them monthly for ‘security’. When the business owner refused to pay, they lost a window, were beaten up, or had their store mysteriously burn to the ground. The message was clear: Let us ‘protect’ you. Pay up…or else.

    Some of you may say I’m nuts. The government would never try to move in and start taxing something we already get for free. But consider this: You already pay an Internet provider. Fifteen to twenty, to thirty bucks a month, right? Or it’s packaged with your HD entertainment package … Verizon … Comcast … whatever? The government can simply start taxing them. Then, out of necessity, they pass this charge along to you in the form of higher monthly ‘fees’. Comb through your Internet bill, they’re probably already doing it now. (If you can decipher their gov-speak codes.) Another thing: A lot of Internet purchases, if out of state, are tax-free. Look for that practice to end soon. Remember the government credo: If money is being passed around, get your cut - tax it. If something is being exchanged, tax it. If people are living their lives, tax them, the greedy bastards. If it moves, walks or crawls, tax it, tax it some more, turn around, do the hokey pokey and tax the living hell out of it. And that’s what it’s all about.

    But we’ll rest easy because Barack Obama is looking out for us.

    I hate to rock the happy collectivist boat, but none of that helps me sleep easy at night. In fact I am growing increasingly more and more angry at how swiftly this new bunch of legislators, headed up by the Big-O himself, is spreading its ever-encroaching tentacles into our daily lives. It seems less and less a distant can’t-happen-here fiction of having government-mandated ‘security’ cameras in every room, monitoring our private lives…for subsequent prosecution of hate speech and insurrection, lest we not align ourselves to the fashionably and politically correct.

    Is it really such a stretch from ‘hate speech’ to thought police?

    The Leftists’ unforgivably naïve dream of the nanny state, womb-to-tomb coddling and ‘caring’ utopia is daily becoming a clear and present danger/reality. The land of the free and home of the brave will soon become a fondly-remembered anecdote, unless citizens who love freedom and honor our Constitution stand up and fight to stop its systematic disembowelment.

    But I’m probably just being paranoid.

    The President said today in the Washington Post: “Our pursuit of cyber security will not — I repeat, will not include — monitoring private networks or Internet traffic.” So what would a right-wing Conservative like me ever have to fear from the Obama administration? Even if I don’t ‘get my mind right’? Nothing, I’m sure. After all, these are ‘historic times…of transformational moments’.

    What’s that sound? Can you hear that? Is that a helicopter circling?
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