Posted on Friday, July 04, 2008

obama-odinga cousins?

Obama Root’s

Senator Obama Goes to Africa Listen to his words on the Keyan Government. Just Words again from Barack Obama.

Al Jazeera interviews Raila Odinga - 11 Jan 08 Who is Raila Odinga and his relationship to Barack Obama

Obama, Kenya, and the Muslim connection

Hells Bells Barack Obama and Raila Odinga Obama’s Cousin signs Jihad agreement against the West.

The Obama and Odinga Connection Obama under the spell of Raila Odinga?

Odinga says Rigged elections? Will Obama say the same thing.

Mama Obama flooded by US media

Obama’s homecoming in Kenya - obama in kisumu

Kenya - the Obama legacy BBC

Obama Kenya Tour 12.04.2007 (Barf alert) Obama's Kenyan Family

Obama Jihad on the Whitehouse

Jeff & Mike talk Obama's book:"Jihad to the White House"

Barack Obama’s own words: From his book.