Bag found in apartment might contain human hands

FORT WORTH -- A man moving into a new apartment today may have found a bag containing two human hands.
A prospective tenant in the 1100 block of Grainger Street in southwest Fort Worth was cleaning out a garage apartment in anticipation of moving in when he found a plastic grocery sack in the freezer, according to Fort Worth police.

The man opened the sack and found what looked like "two mangled up frozen hands," according to a statement from Fort Worth Police spokesman Lt. Paul Henderson.

The man called police. Some officers who arrived on the scene agreed that the items could be hands. However, a homicide detective said they may just be clear plastic gloves filled with sausage or some other meat product in order to make them look like human hands.

The Tarrant County Medical Examiner's office is working to determine whether the man came across the handiwork of a killer or a prankster.

"Until then," Henderson quipped, "our hands are tied on this one."