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  1. #1 Palin Phobia causing Letterman's Demise 
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    Palin Phobia causing Letterman's Demise

    A critic reacting to Letterman.
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    It was tasteless of Letterman to talk about a 14 year old child like that.
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    Letterman is a hypocrite. The former governor of Massachusetts, Jane Swift, is on the Greta show on Fox now. Gov Swift said he's the worst of hypocrites, he "knocked up" his girlfriend and waited almost 5 years to marry her.

    His apology is lame. Letterman is turning into a bitter, nasty old man.

    There's no excuse for the remarks Letterman made. Greta said David "doesn't get up and hopes CBS does something about it".

    Can you imagine if a conservative made remarks like that?

    Today Barbara Walters and Rush spoke out against Letterman. I don't always agree with Rush, but admire his words today.
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    The guy from the video makes very little sense; who knows what cabin he is located in.

    Main thing is that LETTERMAN GOT DISSED BIG-TIME

    Letterman was shown as THE NO-TALENT HE IS.


    CONAN IS THE WAY.................!
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