Examining Leftist Thinking Burt Prelutsky

The question thatís been preying on my mind is who is best suited to study those strange beings known as liberals. It strikes me that theyíd be fit subjects for psychiatrists, who might be in a position to figure out why they revere the people they do ó people such as Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Al Gore and Ted Kennedy ó men who havenít a single notable accomplishment to their name, aside from either winning elections or eliminating them altogether.

Or perhaps it would be more appropriate for biologists to delve into the left-wing organism, and determine how it is possible that creatures without brains could have survived so long in an often hostile environment.

If you donít believe that liberalism is a serious malady, consider that Paul Krugman of the New York Times, when addressing Sonia Sotomayorís remark about an Hispanic woman being better qualified than a white man to be a judge, said that she was merely being entertaining. Even if Mr. Krugman is, as his comment suggests, more easily entertained than a backward three-year-old, I have a feeling that he wasnít nearly as forgiving when Trent Lott, on the occasion of Strom Thurmondís 100th birthday in 2002, said it was a shame that the old Dixiecrat hadnít been elected president in 1948.

Yet another recent example of liberalism in action took place at Harvard, where bright young people go to have their brains exchanged for a pound of hay and humongous egos. It seems that the mucky-mucks at the university found $1.5 million lying around and decided that the best possible use for the money was to create a visiting professorship in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender studies. I guess the good news is that if Barney Frank decides to do us all a big favor and get out of politics, thereís a job opening at his alma mater.

Speaking of liberal goofiness brings us inevitably to Barack Hussein Obama, as he now proudly identifies himself ó at least when heís addressing Muslims, praising Muslims and, as usual, slandering America. By the way, isnít it the least bit odd that he never condemns Muslim-extremists for clinging to their religion and their suicide bombs? And even if youíre a liberal, doesnít it seem peculiar that during his speech in Egypt, he didnít take a moment to mention how much blood and national treasure America has spent ó and, I would suggest, wasted ó defending Muslims in Somalia, Kuwait, Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan?

But, then, we mustnít forget that this is the same chap who went to France and took the opportunity to apologize for Americaís arrogance without once mentioning the number of American G.I.s who died, making sure that the French wouldnít have to give up wine and foie gras for beer and bratwurst.

By the way, do you think the day will ever come when heíll quit apologizing for Americaís arrogance and apologize for his own?