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My mom always boiled hers first, but then my sister moved to North Carolina and was told to never boil them. And I could have sworn I read on here not to boil them.

For once, I have the time that it takes to cook them slowly and to boil them as well. Oh well. Perhaps I'll be able to get the fat run off with the liquid I put in the foil.

Thanks Ginger and Bubba!!

A few weeks ago I just bought pre-cooked ribs (dinner was on a boat, with no stove, no grill...so I had to make do with microwave cooking). So I thought I'd make real ribs today.
People get all uppity about making BBQ. I boil them for the oven but I always have a lot more time when I use the smoker so I don't bother. Time is the critical factor. Six or more hours in the smoker versus 3 or 4 hours in oven.