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    Well, I used to be a member of this forum where there used to be great political debates, mainly about Israel (that's the reason I joined), but after a while, I realized that the overwhelming majority of members were anti-American conspiracy nuts, so I left. Anyways, I visited the forum a couple of days ago, just to see if anything changed, and the forum hadn't changed a bit, except for the fact that most conservatives and pro-Israelis left. I just thought I'd share with you how nutty they were (and still are). This is from a thread about Cheney's speech defending his and attacking Obama's policies:

    Quote Originally Posted by The Silver Thong
    The simple mention of Cheney equals lies and decie. All you have to know about Cheney is that when his lips are moving he is lieing.
    Quote Originally Posted by blinky
    cheney's plum fn' crazy - he's just coverin' his **EDIT** for rippin you off of everything
    and dumbarger is carryin water for that creep MUST BE SKEERED OF TERRORISTS oOOOH what are they gonna do, make your mama wear a burka? good on her = slap one on you too
    I can only laugh at such idiocy and paranoia.

    Read the rest of the thread, and feel free to read the other threads too.
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    I wonder if "blinky" is our own ex-member "eyelids"? Ah, good times.....:p
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gingersnap View Post
    I wonder if "blinky" is our own ex-member "eyelids"? Ah, good times.....:p
    We should have kept Eyelids closed around a little longer.;)
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