Never underestimate cheap, easy or stupid in home maintenance

A downspout drain from the roof gutter into the house leaves home inspector wondering, "What the heck where they thinking?"

Darrell Hay

Special to The Seattle Times


Oops! A roof drain pipe directed into a home flooded the crawl space and left an opening for rodents.
Quite regularly, as a home inspector, I see run-of-the-mill "bad" popping up. Occasionally "that was really dumb" makes an appearance. But you know you are in rare air when "Hall of Fame Stupid" presents itself. Now, gentle reader, is one of those times.

Do not adjust your glasses. Yes, that is a downspout drain from the roof gutter into the house. Water is efficiently directed from the roof into the crawl space. As one might imagine, the crawl space was full of water. Not just standing water, but A LOT of water. If this had been done on the other side of the home also, we could have termed it "sea trials," taken the bolts out of the foundation and checked the whole works for buoyancy.


The coup de grâce was that the crawl-space screen, after being pushed away for the pipe, was left off so rats could — and did — get in. That was priceless.

The good news is that several feet of water kills the rats that may happen to wander in.
I suddenly feel about 50 I.Q. points smarter than I did 10 minutes ago. :)

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