"Brady" actress has retching interview
Joey Bunch, The Denver Post
Article Last Updated: 07/04/2008 01:05:53 AM MDT

Susan Olsen has a close call during an on-air radio interview. (TMZ.com )Susan Olsen, the 46-year-old actress who once played the youngest of the "Brady Bunch," nearly vomited in the studio of an oldies radio station in Colorado Springs on Thursday morning.

She fled the studio for KDZA-FM The Jet 107.9 just in time, judging from a three-minute, 16-second video of the on-air interview posted on the station's website.

Olsen fessed up that she had drunk too much Wednesday night, but between retches she urged listeners to come see her show Thursday night at Loonee's Comedy Corner on North Academy Boulevard in Colorado Springs, where she opened for headliner Chris "Crazy Legs" Fonseca.

Olsen blamed Fonseca for her condition. "Chris got me so wasted last night, and I'm so ready to vomit on the microphone," she said.
I remember when these people were actually considered role models. :eek:

Scary clip at the link.

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