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    Quote Originally Posted by Lars1701a View Post
    If I had parents like her's I would've tried to get out of the house before 17 months :D
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  2. #22 A few days later and Greenbriar has new problems

    Of course she runs to the Lounge to have the biggest set of morons in the world help her.

    greenbriar Donating Member (1000+ posts) Click to send private message to this author Click to view this author's profile Click to add this author to your buddy list Click to add this author to your Ignore list Fri Jun-19-09 02:47 PM
    Original message
    HELP ME>>>Remember that guy that was staying with us that we took to rehab

    he started drinking again and yesterday about 5 he said he was going to walk to the taco place to get tacos and NOW at 2 pm the next day he is still not back

    he was wasted when he left and he didn't take his phone or his cigarettes...

    before when we took him to rehab, he had talked about killing himself.

    I am WORRIED

    what should I do

    If he was picked up by the police, he will be in jail as he has traffic fines he never paid and there was a bench warrent out for him

    If he was hit by a car, we are not his family...he only has a sister in a town 60 miles away that he hates...

    what to do???????????/
    No wonder her daughter left. They have a drunk bum living in their house? Greenbriar is obviously insane.

    I propose we have a permanent sticky section for her posts like we did for Tom in Tib. It's fun to laugh at the mentally ill sometimes. ;)
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    I wonder if I would be "tombstoned" if I posted this on DU in the thread.

    I hope your daughter has came back home. And has the alcoholic that the police are looking for came back to live with you yet???:D
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