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This comment from the site is so laughable!

What plan?

*Get the economy back on track? How is he going to do that? He hasn't ever said.
* Iraq? He's flip-flopped on Iraq, and that danged withdrawal date keeps changing.
*Credibility around the world? Again, how is he going to do that? By withdrawing from Iraq? But wait....he's not doing that....at least not right now. By "talking" to Iran? He's flipflopped on that one. So uh.....tell me the plan again?

McCain has been in the Senate since 1986--that's 22 years for the young Obama fans--and before that spent 4 years in the House of Representatives. Obama's got, oh right, a big 2 years in the US Senate and has held no other national office. Hmmm....

I've read many articles detailing Obama's economic plan. You don't need to read the articles though because it's basically Jimmy Carter's 'plan' repackaged. It starts with raising capital gains taxes to 25%+, continues with increases in taxes for the 'rich' i.e. corporate taxes, and ends with huge increases in government regulation of banking & loans. That means Americans will stop investing and lending will become constricted. So basically his plan is an overall slowdown of the American economy, as if we need that. It's Jimmy's economy all over again I tell you. Absolute disaster.