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Home from work, tired, but I'll give this TOTD a shot (by the way, Bubba, very poignant and honest reply):

I want to say "not really' but perhaps when it comes to my writing, my art, I really haven't. Honesty time, folks. I've been in a bit of a slump (no excuses, because that would be the pu- well, the wimp way out) for no particular reason and I am working my way BACK to finishing the final draft of my book. But I know in my heart I could sacrifice the other things I do when I am home to spend time on my writing/book. That would be a sacrifice worth doing. The other stuff is--honestly--unnecessary albeit pleasurable. Granted, I couldn't say "honey, I can't cut the grass because I have to finish revisions on chapter 16!" but you get my drift...

I write too. It is hard. Keep writing.

I try to average three pages a day. Doesn't sound like much until you try it.

Keep writing. Finish one thing and move to the next. Keep writing.