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  1. #1 Japan eyes bigger military as tension rises 
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    Japan eyes bigger military as tension rises: report

    A draft of Japan's new mid-term defense policy guidelines is calling for the reinforcement of military personnel and equipment in the face of growing regional tensions, Kyodo news agency said. The draft, obtained by Kyodo, says Japan needs to reverse its policy of reducing its defense budgets in light of North Korea's missile launches and nuclear tests, as well as China's rise to a major military power, the news agency said.
    China to recruit 120,000 college graduates to join the army in 2009

    The People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China will recruit more than 120,000 college graduates this year, a military source said here Sunday. According to a website run by the Ministry of Education to help college graduates find jobs, it is the first time the PLA has recruited college graduates on such a large scale, as the army seeks to improve its overall quality by drawing more talent and advancing its science and technology.
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    That would be a good idea for them. Unless you bow down and pray toward Mecca several times a day don't expect help from us.
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