Updated: 10:04 p.m. June 21, 2009
He’s conservative, confident and 14
Jonathan Krohn has been nonstop in the media spotlight since his appearance on a CPAC panel

By John Kessler

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jonathan Krohn — author, columnist, conservative pundit — has perfected the short guy’s handshake.

It goes like this: Big smile. Arm extended. Elbow crooked. Palm facing downward. One has no choice but to assume his altitude to grasp his hand. And then he’s got you — eye to eye.

This, of course, may change. Unlike the other talking heads with whom he shared the spotlight at the February meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference, Krohn has not yet had his growth spurt.

“Forgive me for making you wait,” the 14-year-old says, snapping shut his mom’s cellphone with his free hand. “I was just talking to my literary agent. We’re working on the second edition of my book. It will be in stores nationwide early next year … expanded, but with the same principles and ideas.”

Krohn has many things on his plate since the fame that followed his appearance at CPAC. The most pressing, at this moment, is a slab of crumb cake that he wolfs down in a coffee shop near his Duluth

home. As he attacks it, both the mop of curly, dark hair on his head and the American flag pin on his collar bounce along.

Busy boy: He had recently returned from speaking at a Lincoln Day dinner in Chattanooga with Tennessee’s four gubernatorial candidates; he was preparing for a live interview on Bill Bennett’s “Morning In America” radio show with the former Reagan education secretary; and he had just completed a full day of standardized testing.

“I like all the people I’ve met,” Krohn says of the whirlwind life he’d led for the past four months. “I haven’t met any mean people — even the liberals.”

“Drink some of your hot chocolate,” says his mother, Marla Krohn, pushing a mug toward him.

Krohn gulps a mouthful. “Do you know I’m now a weekly columnist?” he asks in a booming, theatrical voice. “I am. With Human Events. [www.humanevents.com]. Ann Coulter and I both have new columns. I can’t wait to meet her. I’ve only heard nice things about her as a person.”

He is talking loud enough that people at adjacent tables are slyly looking up from their laptops and books. The same look crosses their faces: Who is this kid?