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  1. #1 The Why and Wherefore of the Obama Candidacy and Frankly I don't understand Obamania. 
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    The Why and Wherefore of the Obama Candidacy

    I have listened intently to Barack Obama when he delivers speeches, debates and is interviewed by news analysts. Frankly I don't understand Obamania.
    Mr. Obama speaks in empty platitudes, his cadence is reminiscent of preachers and his prescriptions can charitably be described as adolescent. He is remarkably self absorbed and his wife remarkably bitter. He can be condescending as he was in his description of rural residents and defensive in describing his relationship with the Reverend Wright.

    He sat in a Black Liberationist Church for 20 years listening to anti-American rhetoric never once protesting. In fact, he made a $25,000 contribution to Reverend Wright the same year the church honored Louis Farrakhan.

    He is inexperienced. Six years as a back-bencher in the Illinois legislature and four undistinguished years as a U.S. Senator would in almost every instance disqualify a person for the nation's highest office.

    He is reflexively liberal on every issue having achieved the dubious distinction of having the most liberal voting record in the Congress.

    He has consorted with revolutionaries like Bill Ayers and Benadette Dohrn and has consistently lied about his ties to them.

    How then did this unlikely scenario unfold?The party faithful are simply tired of the Clintons, their browbeating and sense of entitlement.

    Second, many voters eager for a change projected on to the Obama campaign the change they have in mind rather than the change Obama expresses. Perhaps that is why he speaks in platitudinous language.

    I have not yet met two Obama supporters who agree on what his policy prescriptions may be other than his desire to pull the troops from Iraq –snip

    Third, perhaps most significantly, Obama is regarded as a national savior, the Superman arriving on the scene to clean up the mess created by the Bush administration.

    While many see him as a faux politician and a flawed person, others see him as the great black hope – the man who can lead us to the promised land through his persuasive power and stentorian voice.

    It is not coincidental that this savior is black since the curriculum of multiculturalism has had a powerful influence on university graduates who speak in clichés and were trained in relativism and admiration for Third World cultures.

    Will this candidacy prevail? Unless I misread the national temperament, I'm persuaded Mr. Obama is headed for a dramatic collapse in the presidential election.

    It is one thing to capture the hearts of Democratic primary voters who are inclined to the radical side of left wing politics.

    It is quite another matter to speak to all Americans including those bitter rural residents and white males who have little patience with unpatriotic Americans.


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    I sure hope the nation comes to its senses in the GE. It isn't about the possibility of a Black President, it is completely about THIS Black. He is absolutely the wrong person for the job.

    I cannot believe that in a nation of 300 million people that these are the best three we can put forth. I've met better potential Presidential material in bowling alleys. this crop of hopefuls is pathetic.

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