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Trying to deal with Iranians, North Koreans and ... Republicans

Trying to deal with Iranians, North Koreans and ... Republicans
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We've all read enough about Iran and North Korea to reasonably suspect, I think, that at least their leaders differ so much from the civilized world in their values and in their way of thinking that the most useful view to take of them is that they're very probably seriously deranged, angry and filled with hate for foreigners (and for many of their own people as well).

Just to mention one of many spooky examples of this probable derangement, the Iranian national assembly apparently ends their sessions with many of the members shouting out things like "Death to America," God is great" and so on and so forth. Not op-ed articles expressing those sentiments, but mob-like shouting that is reported to be just short of frothing at the mouth and spitting ticks.

It strikes me that the Republican party is currently exhibiting very similar signs of hate, anger and other derangement toward the current American government.

Not only are they in angry, lock-step resistance toward virtually everything our government proposes and does, their chief de facto spokespeople -- Gingrich, Coulter, Limbaugh and such are in effect continously shouting out things very, very close to "death to liberals," "death to Democrats," and so on -- a fanatical litany which I suppose may or may not involve ticks and rothing at the mouth.

So how deranged, I wonder, are the leaders and the spokespeople of the Republicans? And is this derangement really little or no danger to America compared to that of their counterparts in Iran and in North Korea?

I wonder.
Of course, when a non-believer of their messiah comes along and points out the stupidity of this post, ou can see how their intolerant religious/political ideolgy is demonstrated.

As a blind worshipper of the Obamullah,...
posted 06/28, by bfam1 Add IM (viewed : 21)
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you should be more in tune with Iran's leadership since you and your ilk are no different than the followers of the mullahs. Trying to deflect this reality away from the Democrats by equating the Republicans to Iran and a communist regime (more the model for which the democrats strive) is an old propganda tactic that can be seen through by all except Obamullah worshippers.