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  1. #1 Report: Michael Jackson's Horrific Autopsy Results 
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    An autopsy on Michael Jackson revealed that the King of Pop's emaciated body was riddled with needle marks and scars, and his head was virtually bald, it was reported today.

    Jackson's body had wasted away to a mere 112 pounds, and his stomach was completely empty except for partially dissolved pills, according to the London Sun.

    His hips, thighs and shoulders were covered with needle wounds, believed to have come from shots of painkillers, and he was wearing a wig when he was found because his hair had been reduced to a "peach fuzz" on his scalp, the report said.

    "He was skin and bone, his hair had fallen out, and he had been eating nothing but pills when he died," a source close to the singer's entourage told the paper.

    "Injection marks all over his body and the disfigurement caused by years of plastic surgery show he'd been in terminal decline for some years."

    There were four fresh injections around his heart, presumably from attempts to pump adrenaline into it to jumpstart it, the paper said.
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    I, for one, am shocked. I thought he was the picture of perfect health.... LOL

    When I read that he was 120 lbs in his booking photo during his molestation trial, I knew right then that something was terribly wrong even back then. What a sad saga-to be born a perfectly healthy black kid and die an emaciated, lonely, bald white guy.
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    I follow the scandal magazines pretty closely and none of this surprises me. I remember when it was announced that he would do 10 shows in London - that surprised me. He wasn't well enough to do 10 shows. When the number went to 50 I knew we were deep in crazy land.

    He's had a very long history of prescription drug abuse and he's been an anorexic for decades. Anorexia cause a lot of damage over time. He's also had severe respiratory illness for several years.

    Narcotics + Weak Heart + Bad Lungs = Death.

    I'll be interested to see how the custody issues are handled now, though. Those kids will be in therapy for the rest of their lives. :(
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    The whole thing just makes me sad. I was not a big fan or anything, but I always felt sorry for him. I really feel bad for his kids, who were home when he died.

    The Simpsons did a great tribute to him last night. They started with the "Do The Bartman" video, which I could tell was old by the voices and animation, but it is a tribute in and of itself to Jackson's videos. At the end, they had a picture of the "big white guy who thinks he's the little black guy" character and an in memorium statement.
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