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  1. #1 African leaders plead... 
    Please keep lining our pockets and dumping money into they never ending black hole of misery that is our continent...
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    As the world’s natural resources get gobbled up at frightening rates - we need to plan for our 21st century jungle warfare against the Chinese directly, or one of many proxy armies they field on that miserable continent.

    As in centuries before - the indigenous folk of the lands there will just end up fertilizer for the wilds and their bones will crack loudly in the jaws of hyenas. No way we’ll ever pay retail for the things that come from their Earth, especially from real estate we deem as a final treasure and there for the taking.
    At Coretta Scott King's funeral in early 2006, Ethel Kennedy, the widow of Robert Kennedy, leaned over to him and whispered, "The torch is being passed to you." "A chill went up my spine," Obama told an aide. (Newsweek)
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    Things could get colonial for Africans again but probably not before most of the continent experiences a horrific melt down. If I remember correctly South Africa is one of only a few places that certain precious metals like platinum are mined.
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