10 Things You Can Like About $4 Gas
By Amanda Ripley

The world had long assumed that Americans were just unrepentant energy pigs. If gas prices went up, well, we kept our Explorers aimed at the horizon, and little changed. We truthfully didn't have lots of options. Unlike Europeans, we didn't have jobs we could bike to or convenient public transit. Gasoline prices never stayed high enough long enough to force those kinds of shifts in how we lived.

Now here we are. Gas prices are near $4 per gal., as no one needs to tell you, and they are likely to stay that way. Most of us still don't have the alternatives we need to adapt with grace, which means that many will adapt just by suffering. We will run out of gas on I-80, ease our minivans over to the shoulder and tell the kids everything is O.K. We'll fall behind on Visa bills to pay for gas so we can buy food made ever more expensive by energy costs.

Interesting, but what are the ramifications? For example:

1. Globalized Jobs Return Home: What does that imply for the Sam Walton business model? What does it imply for the costs of all the cheap crap he sells?

2. Sprawl Stalls: House prices rise the nearer you are to public transport. No more Pleasant Valley Sundays?

3. Four-Day Workweeks: Productivity? Will become like those damned Frenchies!!!

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