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He is so disingenuous it's sad. If you want to see an interesting documentary, watch one called Manufacturing Dissent. It's about 2 people who try to get an interview with Michael Moore. They were fans of his and wanted an interview because they were doing a documentary on him. Their views of him changed dramatically. Really, if you've haven't seen it, it's a must. Also, read Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man.
Great film, I recommend watching it before seeing another Moore film.

I've followed Moore for some time and am very familiar with the techniques he uses in his films. (Sean Hannity has become quite a student as well) -- However, I don't see propaganda as a bad word because it's all around us in our lives and to call all propaganda 'bad' would be intellectually dishonest.

When an attorney makes a closing argument, he will leave out facts and evidence that do not support his case or version of the events and highlight those that do. That is was propaganda is--a call to action from a particular point of view. I think Moore, like Rush or Hannity or Rush, is mostly preaching to the choir--getting them to 'sing' louder.

The way he uses humor and irony in his work gets his foes riled up--politicians have big egos and no one likes to be made to look foolish.

BTW--I'm wondering, do folks on the far-right see Sacha Baron Cohen the same way? His work is similar in some ways, though Borat and the upcoming film are not true documentaries because many scenes are staged -- or cut together with non-staged scenes to look like a documentary.