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    THE Codex Sinaiticus, believed to be the oldest surviving Bible, features a garish embossed cover and an endorsement from the Emperor Constantine describing it as a 'supernatural page-turner par excellence'.

    According to the latest research by scholars and theologians, the Bible was conceived as the ancient equivalent of a Clive Cussler novel.

    Dr Martin Bishop, head of scriptural studies at the University of Geneva, said: "In the early 4th Century there was a lucrative market for big, thick blockbusters featuring complicated plots and lots of explosions. The sort of thing a middle-aged Roman could read in the spa or when travelling to invasions.

    "The title is written in big gold letters that give a sort of 3D effect with the tagline, 'They thought they could question God's plan for mankind... They were WRONG.' There's a blurb on the back and some numerals which are probably an early ISBN number." ...
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