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  1. #1 9 phrases to ban from restaurant menus 
    9 phrases to ban from restaurant menus

    Tribune dining staff
    July 6, 2009
    Restaurants, let's not forget, are in the business of selling you food (emphasis on the word "selling.") All too often, restaurateurs rely on tired menu cliches that they believe make the food sound better. But we see through it.

    --"Grilled to perfection"

    What is perfection? Can you boil cabbage to perfection? We want a stove with a "perfection" setting.

    --"World famous"
    Having a German tourist say she liked your chicken salad does not make it world-famous.

    --"Kobe burger"

    If it grazed in Idaho, it's not Kobe. It's only Kobe if it comes from the Kobe region in Japan.

    --"Shrimp Scampi"; "Eggplant alla melanzane"; "With au jus"

    Respectively interpreted as "shrimp shrimp"; "eggplant in the style of eggplant"; and "with with juice."

    --"Garden Fresh"

    Rick Bayless garnishes with microgreens grown in his Bucktown garden. He has the right to say garden fresh. You don't, Subway.

    --"Homemade [anything]"

    Whose home? The busboy's? Restaurant food should be made in the restaurant.

    --"Melt in your mouth"

    If a piece of steak literally or even figuratively melts in your mouth, there's a good chance it's not steak.

    Chicago Trib
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    Bumping for Homemade goodness.
    Hey careful man! There's a beverage here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba Dawg View Post
    Bumping for Homemade goodness.
    I go to places that have things I don't cook at home.

    Ps. we need jukebox and shannon doesn't like my music.
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