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    en France!!. Who cares what the weather is in the land of insurance salemen, measuring their lives in coffee spoons? The weather in Juan les Pins is a bit cloudy, but overall a good day for touring, if not for sunning. We're off to Aix en Provence today, for shopping and lunch on the Cours Mirabeau, then on to Avignon, site of the Papal Captivity. Perhaps, time permitting, we'll pay a visit to the Pope's New House and have a sip of his wine there. :D

    Breathing the air in France, it's like awakening to real life again, after a six year nightmare of malls, interstates, and Levittowns. Traveling from village to village, one is struck by the unique character, flavors, and scents of each. All of which inevitably brings my thoughts around to retirement and, of course, the ...

    TOTD: Where and in what manner will you retire? Will you simply enjoy the luxuries of your 30 year (now paid) fixed that you've spent a lifetime, like the Pharoahs of old, building into a masoleum reflecting your life and tastes, to be eventually buried, again like the Egyptians, with the artifacts of your life, your 50" Sony flat screen, Weber gas grill, and Jen Air range. Maybe, as a seeker of spiritual truths, you'll forsake family, friends, and fortune, and retreat from life, preparing your mental state for death, along with only your books (or your laptop and ipod).

    Or, like the masses, perhaps you'll retire to Florida, burial ground for the fabled snowbird, to while your days away playing golf and bridge, baking in the tropical sun. Or, maybe, one last quest, to seek the truths you turned away from as a youth, looking for answers to questions that bother you so (but remember, the key to a successful quest is excellent luggage).

    Or maybe it's a foreign land for you, fleeing the land of your birth in one last attempt to fit meaning to existence through observation of the different. Perhaps you'll spend your remaining days taking late breakfasts of cafe-au-laut and brioche in small hilltop villages...

    And your afternoons, sipping pernod and playing petanque...

    Whatever you chose, dare to eat that peach and perhaps the mermaids will sing for you.
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