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I plan to retire where I am. I live on a beautiful mountain with a nice view. I'm in the midle of the woods with US Forest Service land about twenty yards from my front door. Bears. Deer. Coyotes. Squirrels. Owls. A flock of noisy crows for comic relief. I like where I am. It is simple and I have plenty of things to do when and if I get to retire as planned.

Library Lady, I fully acknowledge the truth of what you say about the plans we make. Things can change so quickly. Yesterday a man was killed over on the lake when he was hit by a boat. A full amputation of one leg and a partial amputation of the other. A medevac healicopter came but they couldn't staunch the bleeding. Very sad. Life can turn on a dime.

And no, you wiseguys, it wasn't Benny Hinn out walking his duck.
Your place sounds so beautiful. No wonder you'd like to retire there. How wonderful to be able to live in a nice area like that. We don't have any mountains here, but do have deer, coyotes, squirrels, owls, some hawks, no bears.

Very sad about the man getting killed on the lake. We indeed cannot always control our own destiny, why we should enjoy life in the here and now---not wait for the retirement.