Obama tries to make Georgia seem in play; it isnít
By Jim Wooten | Tuesday, July 8, 2008, 07:39 AM

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The presidential candidate of symbolism and empty phrases comes, symbolically, to a school in Cobb County on Tuesday to demonstrate that he attracts a crowd in a Republican county thatís commonly identified as ďsuburban.Ē


The symbolic message here is that Georgia is in play. Fat chance. If Obama wins Georgia, heíll occupy the White House. He wonít, despite the surge in registration and the enthusiasm he engenders among Democrats.

Obamaís coming here despite the fact that Sen. John McCainís leading by 10 percentage points in the latest poll, said U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson on Monday, because ďobviously there are problems in Pennsylvania and Ohio.Ē Republicans are starting a television blitz in those two states and in Michigan and Wisconsin, other battleground states, pointing out that on energy, he has no new ideas or solutions.

The Rasmussen poll that Isakson cited ďshoots holes in the rhetoric that Georgia is in play,Ē he said. ďThey realize how solid the South has been in the Republican corner since 1992, and theyíd like nothing else than to crack a Southern state.Ē


He cannot win Georgia. Nohow, no way.