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Congressional Approval Falls to Single Digits for First Time

Yet our moronic population continues to allow these idiots to stay. Moreover, they blame Republicans when Dims are the majority. If we could get rid of the dead wood like the Dim leaders, perhaps we could get something accomplished. Dims have no plans or ideas that will improve anything yet our voters will continue to elect them.

Dims will probably pick up seats because;
1. Voters are uneducated
2. Voters are uninformed
3. More Republican seats are up for election this time
4. Voters believe Dim lies about who is responsible for their woes.
You could be right but it's 4 months off until Nov. and many things can happen between now and then. High gasoline and energy (natural gas & home heating oil) prices might be the number 1 issue. The Craps control Congress and the folks are liable to turn on them like a mad dog if they do not do something about those expensive heating bills that are coming down the pike this winter. All is not lost; the worm may turn.

If McCain had a brain, he would pick Newt as VP who has more solutions than the whole lot of dummies in Congress and that includes the northeastern Repubs.