The G8 summit in Italy is the sixth time Angela Merkel and Barack Obama have met - yet it seems all is not quite right between the pair. Does the US President have a problem with the German Chancellor, or she with him? It all began a year ago with Obama’s speech in Berlin. The young White House candidate wanted to address the crowd in front of the prestigious Brandenburg Gate, but Merkel refused. She did not want to anger the then president, George W. Bush.

Obama has not forgotten the snub…

According to the 'Washington Post', Obama has "encountered a string of rebukes and lectures from Chancellor Angela Merkel" since moving into the White House.
That does not sound like a close friendship!
The newspaper also pointed out that Merkel had a very close relationship to Obama’s predecessor.
To Bush, Merkel was practically a heroine. Her long road from growing up in communist East Germany to Chancellor of a unified country was proof to Bush that freedom always won.