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Amen. The congress has increasingly become a group that thinks themselves better than the people they represent. A General has actually EARNED his title. I propose that all of our Congress now work at minimum wage. That ensures those who really have a desire for liberty and shackle tyranny will serve the people and can't live as an elitist ass.
The problem with our government is that there is too much money available for the taking. Congress seems to think their job is to skim as much of the GNP as possible for their special interest groups. Nobody in Congress is really working for the good of the country anymore. I don't think our Founding Fathers ever saw it coming.

Congress is elite and has even exempted themselves from some of the same laws and taxes the rest of us are burden with.

The only way to stop this shit is to limit the amount of money that the government can take from the people to the bear minimal necessary to provide for defense and a few more absolutely necessary government functions.

That is not going to happen with the lection process. It will take a revolution to do that. We need to kick the bastards out and restore the Constitution and the Republic. The bastards will not go without a fight.