Brain worms: one in five are infested

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This is a disgusting, but necessary topic for everyone who is currently exposed. Many don't know of the danger.

BRAIN WORMS: 'Toxoplasma gondii'

It's worm-like, really, in only one stage of its life-cycle:

This parasite is a protozoa (one-celled creature) that dwells in the body of mammals and spreads by contact with infectious cat feces or ingestion of undercooked meat. The brain worm protects itself by encysting and is amazingly hardy, able to survive in hostile environments outside of the host body, even in salt water, dirt, or sewage treatment plants, for many months.

Only high prolonged temperatures are capable of killing the "oocysts" that protect the worm.

There is a serum test for toxoplasmosis which indicates it's one of the most common of humans infections throughout the world, mostly in warm climates in North and South America -- and France, where they eat undercooked meat, truffles and other unsavory things.

This could explain jappy and satty!