If the campaign is going to the dogs, Obama had better go puppy shopping.
Posted July 8, 2008 7:55 AM

by Mark Silva

Never mind soccer moms, security moms and the bitter working class.

This is a question for pet owners.

And John McCain is Best in Show.

The pet-owning public may have caught on to the fact that McCain, like George Washington and George W. Bush, shares his home with a number of pets - more than a dozen, in McCain's case. Democrat Barack Obama, by contrast, is petless.

Among pet-owners, McCain has clawed his way to a marginal advantage; 42 percent supporting the Republican, 37 percent the Democrat, according to the results of an AP-Yahoo News poll (remember, it was Jonathan Swift who brought us the Yahoos.)

Among the petless, the poll found, Obama is favored by a rather solid margin of 48 to 34 percent.
Interesting......and suspicious. Not a pet owner, eh?

Baltimore Sun