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    Quote Originally Posted by AmPat View Post
    It has always been a sore spot for me that we haven't discovered any White oil. It is unimaginable and intolerable in today's enlightened environment to tolerate a total monopoly of Black Oil. I demand White Oil and I mean now!!!!!:mad:

    Oh, and from now on I say we import pure Scandinavian and Anglo oil. ME oil is too polarizing.
    We already have f. up White Oil; it's called Ethanol. :eek:

    Not putting that crap in my car.
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    RGBolen (1000+ posts) Tue Jul-08-08 09:43 PM
    Original message
    Wanting to end dependence on foreign oil is a racist position. ]Edited on Tue Jul-08-08 09:45 PM by RGBolen
    Wanting to end dependence on oil is a fine position to take but wanting to end our "dependence on foreign oil," comes from either a racists mindset or extreme nationalism. Of course there isn't really a way to determine which of those is more vile. If we are dependent on oil what does it matter to what human beings we pay? Of course we pay many people who live in North America for our oil, but that isn't who people who want to "end our dependence on foreign oil," see when they say that.

    I have to say I wasn't surprised to see Mr. Pickens spouting such garbage on CNN today.
    Oh, to be free of the tight restraints of logic and reality, like RG here. If ignorance is bliss, why is DU always so angry?
    Romans 6:18 You have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness.

    Differences between Obama and God: God's plan to save us is actually written down for people to read. Rush Limbaugh.

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    I'm pretty certain that there is a 12 step program that will help people learn to overcome their dependence on foreign oil. You first have to admit that you're powerless over petroleum and your consumption has become unmanagable.
    Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.
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