Have The No-Drill Democrats Boxed Themselves In?

Do they really believe that the MSM will be able to help them snow an increasingly agitated electorate for another 4 months?

Certainly the mass of voters aren't the brightest bulbs in the drawer, but 4 months of shucking and jiving? No way.

As I was driving to work today, idly pondering the current price of gasoline & diesel on various service station signs, I wondered when the drilling was going to commence.

I thought about the pressure being brought to bear on Congress by the average citizenry, and the curious reaction from the Democrats, both leadership and rank and file - which was to dig in their heels and chant ever louder:

"Drilling won't help for 10 years, and it would only knock a few cents off the price per gallon"Then, it struck me: At this point in time, the Democrats CANNOT allow drilling to go forward.

If they did, and the price per gallon dropped in any measurable way, how long would it take ordinary citizens to connect the dots - JUST BEFORE THE NOVEMBER ELECTIONS?

So the Democrats can't allow drilling at all before the second week of November.Since we're stuck with prices where they are or higher till November, what the heck are the Demmies playing at?