"Our nation has elected an anti-American left-wing radical if not Communist to be president of the United States," he warns. "We better begin to plan now for the reality and not for a democratic daydream. The ideological war has reached us at the top of our power structure threatening our very existence from inside.")

I believe his real purpose is not to get the United States out of the financial mess but to set the stage for a total takeover.

(Editor's note: Hilmar von Campe, who grew up under the Nazis and wrote the book, Defeating the Totalitarian Lie, offers comparisons between Nazi Germany and America today.
The executive director of the Holocaust Memorial Council in Washington received me twice. I apologized to him for the atrocities committed by a German Government and German citizens to his people. I had not participated in these atrocities but my ungodly life had made the godless Nazi government possible. I asked him to forgive me and my country, Germany at that time. We became friends. I told him that most people look at the criminals when trying to figure out how it was possible, that such evil could happen in a cultured nation like Germany. They should look, however, at the real culprits, the bystanders like me, who allowed evil to dominate. Germany went down because of godlessness.

The national Socialist ideology was built on lies-the most important being that that there is no God. That godless concept led to the Holocaust, the destruction of Germany, and to the death of millions of families. Hitler lied to the German people and to the world. At every stage, including the beginning of WWII, he fooled the population.